We had the pleasure of hosting a renowned Swiss celebrity as she explored her options for a new home in Bangkok. Our team showcased two exceptional condominiums: Waterford Park View Condo and the Chocolate Factory loft.

The Waterford Park View Condo, currently under construction, offers a duplex penthouse in Thonglor with a Jungle theme. Highlights include a spacious balcony with a large Jacuzzi, three bedrooms, and a vertical garden along the internal stairwell. The celebrity appreciated the opportunity to influence the finishing touches in the four months remaining until its completion.

The Chocolate Factory loft, on the other hand, is a stunning industrial-style apartment ready for immediate move-in. Located in Sukhumvit Soi 24, it embodies the charm of lofts typically found in cities like London, New York, and Berlin.

Both options left a strong impression on our guest. Tune in to the TV show airing in May/June 2024 to find out which condo she chooses!

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